A project by Rajdeep Savenkar, Dishant Pradhan, Tirtha Mandal, Himadri Patel, Banani Das / Ahmedabad, India

...then someone told me about sterilization, I understood what was going to happen to me.

A Love Story

Samir lost grip of his girlfriend's hand as the policemen dragged him out of the police van and into the sterilization center. He fell into a dark void of pain when he felt the cold sharp edge of the scissor touched his bear skin.

Samir fell into a pool of flashbacks of his wedding when his husband leaned forward to kiss him and he froze with disgust. He could see both of his fathers smiling with happiness.

Snap! Samir opened his eyes and found himself lying down on a bed with a bright holographic clock on the side table next to the bed which showed 10:30 am 7th Feb 2052. He rubbed his eyes and the blurry image of a silhouette against the window flooded with sunlight cleared up into a couple starring at him. It was his sister Pooja and her wife Mansi.