Via Guido Reni, 4/A, 00196 Rome


The Global Futures Lab Symposium will be held at MAXXi Museum in the city of Rome, one of the most important centers for contemporary art and architecture in Italy.

The reasons why MAXXI has been chosen as the ideal location where to have our conversations, and the reason why such an important institution opened its door to this project can be read through the lines of its mission:

MAXXI intends not only to be a container for the exhibition of the works of art of our century, but also a place for cultural innovation and the overlapping of languages, a laboratory for artistic experimentation, a machine for the production of aesthetic materials of our time.
MAXXI aims to be a centre of excellence, an interactive hub in which the most diverse forms of expression, productivity and creation may converge, combine and reproduce.

Art also has a vital role as a means of communication. Art is an iconic and symbolic idiom and therefore more readily comprehended than a spoken or written language. It is clear, therefore, that the immediacy and universality of artistic communication may contribute to the comprehension of worlds and cultures otherwise foreign and potentially conflictual, favoring the coexistence of differences.