A project by Ashwathy C.S., Archana Valecha, Vibhuti Tripathi, Aashima Mathur, Ahmedabad, India

...a world where everyone questions believes and protects the Elements ...

An Indian Future

He woke up in the morning and realized that it was an important day for him. He had an interview lined up in an hour. He pulled out the best of his clothes still feeling nervous. He went through the rays of light that cleaned him up and went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. As the minutes passed his nervousness grew. His eyes constantly focused on the time, with now only ten minutes in hand he moved towards sacred room remembering his childhood days when he would worship lord Ganesh by lighting a lamp. As he progressed forward he felt calmer and stood in front of a basin filled with water which now held an important part in people’s belief. He took a deep breath and bent down towards it, moved his fingers gently in a rhythmic motion which relieved all of his stress and felt the positive vibe around him. He then placed a flower in the water and watched it float. A sense of serenity engulfed the room. He then bowed down and walked out with confidence.


Do you know what the “Elements” feel like? Get the Sensory Padukas and enhance your spiritual experience. The Padukas are crafted to perfection in India with world class metals and wood with brass lining. Comes with four modes that connect to the elements fire, air water and earth. Choose and let loose in and around these elements.

How it works-
The regulator on the toe grip helps to switch between the modes. The regulator is also a push to on and a push to off button. So whenever one is in or near the element, so just switch it on and enjoy!