A project by Farid Hatami, Mohammad Amin Kamali Moghadam, Zeynab Bazdar / Isfahan, Iran

The light had a big advantage over the big and industrial robots of that period. That little light had emotions. It felt our feelings.


The story begins when my parents and I planned to make a proposal to the girl I wanted to marry with.

Mom: Son, are you sure? Do you have all the aspects of your decision in mind?

Dad: Surely he through-outed everything and made his decision.

Mom: I hope so.

(Behind the girl's home door)

-Son, Ring the doorbell


-Who is this?

-We were intruded for goodness (Proposal)

-Come on In

My stress was exacerbated. The girl's family had come to welcome us.

After the greetings, we arrived at the house. We were all looking at each other, and at the same time we were served by the family’s waiter robot. We are now in the fifth decade of the twenty-first century, and everything is automated ... Even the reception, this is not attractive. After I drank my tea, I remembered that my grandmother said: Our girls gave tea to the groom's family. All laughing and confirming. Maybe you do not know that here in 2050, People will not talk with each other anymore. Instead, all the interactions are done through eye contact, and everyone knows about each other's thoughts. One hour was passed and it was time to go with the girl and talk together exclusively.

My stress was greatly increased.

But there was something that was making me calm. We went to the girl's room and we sat down. We stared at each other and we gave comments about each other and also we asked if we had any questions. After an hour, our conversation came to an end, and we got out of the room, a wall lamp caught my eyes. I asked the girl: Why when we were leaving the room, there was a change in the light of the room that I knew it is about the lamp. When I asked the girl why when we were going out, the light of the room became mild?

Because you had a lot of stress, the light also noticed that, so it warmed up the room light theme to reduce your stress. Now that you leave the room ... it's back to its original state.

I was very surprised :) This light has a big advantage over the big and industrial robots of this period. This little light has emotions. It feels our feelings.