A project by Hemra Teke, Farshad Saffari Ghandehari, Mohammad Ghasemi / Isfahan, Iran

Dargoosh is a product for listening to the voices and memories of the trees. The trees have spirits and they are affected by their surroundings.

Listening to the Trees


Once upon a time, a day in many years later, in northern jungles of Iran, people live in tree houses.

Gholi is one of these habitants who lives in his hazelnut house.

A morning, when the roaster sings, he wakes up.
He washes his face with his blanket.
He walks through his green bathroom where he has his own organic garden.
He looks in the mirror and then he takes a look at the photos of his grandfather, he sees his eyes are blue so he decides to use herbal tea that changes his eye color.
He looks at his plants and he finds out he runs out of blue herbal tea.
He turns back into his room and turns his bed upside down so as to transform it to a treadmill.
He has to run on it every day to generate the electricity of his house.
He takes some purple tomatoes to go to Jafar’s home, who always have blue herbal tea, and eat bread, cheese and tomato for breakfast.
He looks around on the way Jafar’s home and thanks God for his great life.
He rings Jafar’s house doorbell and Jafar invites him to his house for having breakfast.
Jafar suggests to listen to some tree music while they are eating.
Music comes to the moment that reminds them about a good memory, so, Jafar and Gholi talk about it, while their eyes color is changing to blue.



Dargoosh, Reunion of man and nature and the music of the trees. In a future that, the trees are much important than before they are known as the most important species, “Dargoosh” is a product for listening to the voices and memories of the trees. The trees that have spirits and they will be affected by their surroundings. Dargoosh is made of two words, "Dar" that means Tree in Persian, and "Goosh" that means ear. Dargoosh is a product that has two separate parts, one is a belt that will be enclosed around the tree and the second part will be the player and instrumentalist of the voices of the tree that will be placed in a home, where has the warmth and friendliness of the family and friends. Dargoosh's belt has a technology that works with sending and receiving electromagnetic waves into the tree and sends the data to the receiver inside the player part of the Dargoosh in the house. There is a controlling knob that helps the user to choose the kind of memories and the time of them and send them wirelessly to the player. Setting the belt up happens on the belt that is on the tree to keep the user and the tree in constant interaction. The main body of Dargoosh is like traditional Tar, a musical instrument from Iran. It is crafted by hand from berry tree. The process of making sound in Dargoosh is almost like the traditional Tar but instead of having strings on the inner stomach skin of sheep there is a comb and pin mechanism under the skin that in the final product Dargoosh player is not only a player it is almost an instrumentalist that receives the notes from the tree and plays them.